We are looking for an additional senior software engineer for developing and maintaining our B2B Onboarding Application.

Senior Python Software Developer - B2B Onboarding Applikation (f/m/d)

  • Organization: Markant Services International Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Location: Warschau

Our Offer

  • Technologies used: Python, PostgreSQL, MS Azure, Kafka, Kubernetes, Typescript, React, GraphQL 
  • Methods used: Pair programming, TDD, Scrum

Your Profile

  • [MUST] Modern Python (typing etc) 
  • [MUST] Event driven architecture 
  • [MUST] Domain Driven Design 
  • [MUST] Web application or api development (ideally with graphql) 
  • [MUST] Experience with an ORM (ideally SQLAlchemy) 
  • DevOps 
    • [Must] Kubernetes (k8s)  
    • [Must] Infrastructure as code (ideally with Terraform) 
    • [Optional] Azure is a plus 
    • [MUST] Docker, Linux 
  • [MUST] Experience with different database systems, including SQL and NoSQL 
  • [MUST] You buiid it, you run it mindset 
  • [MUST] Constant learner 
  • [OPTIONAL] - Working fullstack 

Our Benefits

  • Food grant
  • Health offers
  • Home Office
  • Individually designed induction plan in the team
  • Cooperation with regional fitness studios
  • Sehr gute Sozialleistungen
  • Good transport connection
  • Education

Food grant; Health offers; Home Office; Individually designed induction plan in the team; Cooperation with regional fitness studios; Sehr gute Sozialleistungen; Good transport connection; Education


Markant Services International Polska Sp. z o.o.

Agnieszka Frejert-Łosiewicz